Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

Have you ever walked the streets of Paris and felt completely mesmerized by the city around you? I have not, but I dream to. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris ($110) lets me dream this dream more vividly in my every day life. I love a fragrance that tells a story and transports you. Mon Paris is just that, a story to tell. Dave Lackie hosted a breakfast at the beginning of December to celebrate Mon Paris with YSL and it was a dream lived. (more…)

Clarins Boosters Energy, Repair, Detox

Entering a new year, there are always thoughts of new beginnings and better endings. My focus for this new year is simply to be a better me in all aspects of my life. When it comes to my skin, I am proud to say I have not put a drop of foundation on my face since the clock struck midnight. I am trying keep my skin routine simple and efficient with all the benefits my skin needs. Clarins Boosters ($40) allow me to choose what focus my skin needs and use with my daily moisturizer. There are 3 boosters to choose from and each one offers something unique for you and your skin. (more…)

NARS Train Bleu: The Most Ethereal Lip I’ll Ever Wear


If you are me, the moment you saw the models at Rodarte FW16 walk the runway, NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu stole your soul. Rodarte is my favourite fashion brand and the ethereal makeup and fashion from FW16 will forever be emblazoned in my mind, heart and soul. I hit the NARS makeup counter to capture my own runway moment and Train Bleu has let me have many runway moments ever since. (more…)

GOSH Cosmetics New Core Products


There is something about knowing your new favourite product that you love isn’t leaving the shelf anytime soon. I hate the feeling of buying a limited edition product that I absolutely adore only to know I can never buy it again. This fall, GOSH has added new core products that bring the spirit of Copenhagen alive. Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada. (more…)

Soapwalla The Spray


When the person behind the brand is so inspiring and knowledgeable, you want to try it all. That is how I feel about Soapwalla because of Rachel Winard, chef and creator. Every product I have had the experience to try is made with natural ingredients and it feels good. The story behind Soapwalla is why I will always try the magic. Soapwalla launched a new product that has taken my life by cleanse and will change yours too.  Soapwalla The Spray ($20) is a lot more than just a spray, it is a do everything spray. (more…)

Quo Fall 2016 Makeup Collection


Every year, every season, Quo, available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart, offers limited edition colour collections that make my heart swoon. From the packaging, to the product, to the price, Quo always helps to set my mood for the season. For fall, Quo is bringing a glamorous beauty vibe to complement the best of fall.

Thierry Mugler Angel Muse Hate to Love


Fragrances are an experience unlike any other. Fragrances react differently on different people and people like different scents. It is what makes the world of fragrances so enticing to me. But there are some fragrances that enchant an entire generation and truly change the fragrance world. Thierry Mugler Angel is a classic fragrance that transcends generations and the latest in the Angel collection is a classic in my fragrance collection. Thierry Mugler Angel Muse ($70) is the fragrance you will hate to love. (more…)

Shoppers Drug Mart Beach and Beyond Beauty


I am a total self declared water babe. I love everything about water. When I go to the beach, I feel at home. When I can bring beauty products to the beach for the beach, it is a thrill for me. Summer is ending and the first day of fall fast approaches. I have a beach bag full of essentials for the beach and beyond all from Shoppers Drug Mart that I will be taking with me into the fall season.   (more…)

IDC Integral Dermo Correction

IDC Integral Dermo Correction

I was recently introduced to Canadian skin care brand IDC Integral Dermo Correction. I am pleased to discover that all three products are worth a first, second and third look at. IDC is an award winning, science driven brand with innovative technology including IDCs patented Regen-16. It targets 16 causes of skin aging with active ingredients (amazing!). The three products I’ve been using are every day essentials to always keep in your routine. (more…)

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