January 2018 archive

Cottage North Soapworks

Truly the best feeling in this life is to feel clean. Clean in mind, body and soul. When it comes to body, skin is our largest organ and I love to take care of mine. That starts with properly cleansing and cleansing starts with the right soap. I recently discovered Cottage North Soapworks in Port Dover, Ontario (more…)

Clarins UV Plus SPF 40

Keeping my skin protected is so important to me. Like so many skin caring women, I go the extra step daily to keep my skin fresh and healthy. In the summer, SPF is at the top of everyone’s mind. But as the temperature drops, do you forget to apply your SPF? Don’t! Even when the sun doesn’t feel hot, UV rays are still damaging to your skin. But we all know sun screens can feel greasy and heavy on skin, especially the face. Meet Clarins UV PLUS High Protection SPF 40 day screen. (more…)

Yes to Coconuts, You Want To

If you don’t love coconuts, you’re living life wrong. Coconut has the sweetest tasting water and the dreamiest smell. If you disagree, you’re wrong. Lucky for us, Yes To Coconuts line is the skin care version of coconut for your face, dreaminess included. (more…)

Chic Canadian: Diary of a Blog

If you have been a Chic Canadian from the beginning you would know Chic Canadian went live three years ago in July. The inspiration to start blogging manifested after moving away to a bigger city, quitting my part time beauty counter job and starting a marketing program in college. (more…)