October 2018 archive

Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick, What’s Your Finish?

Think about your favourite shade of lipstick. Now, how happy would you be if it was available in three different finishes? Clarins has taken the iconic Joli Rouge lipstick and launched a new finish, Joli Rouge Velvet. Translation: all your favourite Clarin Joli Rouge shades are now available in classic, brillant and velvet finishes. There is something for everyone.  (more…)

Double Cleansing with Shiseido Doubled My Compliments

When it comes to my every day makeup routine,  I keep it low key. But when it comes to my skin care, it is a high key routine. I take it very seriously and every serum, moisturizer and eye cream is made more potent with the first step in great skin care: cleansing. The only thing better than cleansing? Double cleansing, cleanse your face then cleanse it again. Madness or genius? (more…)