Aura Mugler, Listen To Your Instinct

Listen to your instinct, listen to your heart beat, listen to your emotions.

In recent years, I’ve started listening to my instinct. The comfort inside of me that tells me I am following the right path and my heart in everything I do.

Aura Mugler is the newest fragrance pillar. A dawn of new femininity in the Mugler fragrance galaxy that represents the internal instinct inside all of us.

Theirry Mugler describes it as “my first fragrance, in the same way a new love story is always the first. It recounts the genesis of my other perfumes”. Aura Mugler represents a new beginning, a new love.

Aura Mugler embodies the spirit of women who love life and life loves back. Free and willing to explore themselves, to know themselves. This message feels so important to me. It can be a struggle to know yourself and love yourself. Embodying and capturing the spirit of love, femininity and power working together. I feel such a strong connection to Aura Mugler when I experience it and feel the passion behind it.

Aura Mugler is green. Think oriental, botanical, carnal. The magic of Aura is: five substances, three hearts, two overdoses and one magnetic field of magic. The note that beats strong throughout Aura Mugler is tiger liana, sharp and smoky, sugared almond scent.

The Beating Heart: tiger liana

The Botanical Heart: rhubarb leaf and orange blossom

The Animal Heart: bourbon vanilla and wolfwood

Two Overdoses: tiger liana and rhubarb leaf

The notes of this fragrance read like walking into a lush botanical oasis. But what I find to be most interesting is the use of rhubarb leaf in the botanical notes.

When spraying Aura Mugler you will immediately know you a experiencing something different in the fragrance galaxy. I love the initial floral overtaking from the tiger liana, rhubarb and orange blossom. As Aura dries down to bourbon vanilla and wolfwood, I know I will be listening to my instinct. This fragrance is very strong early on and lasts a long time while lingering all day.

The bottle is gorgeous. Heart shaped, emerald green, adorned with a gold M crown. It is fragrance bottle perfection. Absolute love at first sight.

The year just started but if I listen to my instinct, I know Aura is my fragrance of 2018.

Do you love Mugler fragrances? Which one is your favourite? 


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