Chic Canadian: Diary of a Blog

If you have been a Chic Canadian from the beginning you would know Chic Canadian went live three years ago in July. The inspiration to start blogging manifested after moving away to a bigger city, quitting my part time beauty counter job and starting a marketing program in college.

I was and am still beauty obsessed. I wanted to share my passion for the beauty industry with other people. Chic Canadian quickly became my outlet to share my perfect lipstick, rave about my new favourite skin care and highlight all the amazing Canadian beauty brands I experience. Chic Canadian was a critical aspect to my life happiness and it has always brought me complete joy. But a year ago, my life started to change and in January of last year I lost all the content to Chic Canadian.

A year ago I shared on Instagram that I had been experiencing feelings of sadness for no reason to be explained. I really want to thank every person who reached out to me and who continue to reach out to me to ask how I’m doing. It really means the world. But reflecting back, I was just really unhappy in my day to day life and the relationship I was in.

I’m a really different person than I was even three years ago when I started Chic Canadian. There were a lot of days this past year where I didn’t know if I could get out of bed. It made me not want to share my passion for beauty because I felt so sad inside, how could I project beauty here. Most days going to work was all I could give my energy to. I didn’t feel love at home, I didn’t feel love for myself, I didn’t feel love for Chic Canadian. I focused and worked really hard for my career. I started updating less and as the days turned into months, the seasons changed and I found myself in the new year, with no blog content.

You read the back up horror stories about people losing their content and you think it will never happen to you. But then it does, and you have none of your work from the past three years. POOF! It’s gone. A lesson learned.

I have really struggled with how to re launch Chic Canadian. I ended a five year relationship this past year and for the first time in my life, I am living on my own. I feel self love for myself every day and can say that after a year of uncertainty, I feel happiness again. I want to give the most transparent version of myself to you. To continue to share my true passion for Canadian beauty and always share my honest opinions. I have always said I will never feature content that I would not use in my own life and that is still true.

Chic Canadian is a 100% meant for the Canadian woman who is always chic or maybe just striving to be like me.


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