Cottage North Soapworks

Truly the best feeling in this life is to feel clean. Clean in mind, body and soul. When it comes to body, skin is our largest organ and I love to take care of mine. That starts with properly cleansing and cleansing starts with the right soap. I recently discovered Cottage North Soapworks in Port Dover, Ontario where many beauty delights await but the soap caught my attention.

Cottage North Soapworks hand crafts all their soaps with natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, vegetable oils, essential oils and fragrance oils. The soap smell so good, I would eat every single bar. The citrus lover in me exploded for Lemon Poppy Seed and Tutti Fruitti so I had to take both home for bath time.

Lemon Poppy Seed is Cottage North Soapworks best seller and its a fabulous lemon verbena scent. Tutti Frutti is pomegrante and mango, my favourite of the two soaps. The soaps lather so nicely and make my skin feel so clean without that after cleansing tight skin feeling. But besides being totally capable at cleansing and leaving my skin feeling the softest, it is really the scents that make Cottage North Soapworks a soap heaven of sorts. There are so many scents to explore whether you are a citrus lover like me or want to smell like a floral dream.

Cottage North Soapworks is a must visit if you are in the Port Dover area and you can explore the full selection available at

Is there a natural soap you’ve discovered that you absolutely love?



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