Double Cleansing with Shiseido Doubled My Compliments

When it comes to my every day makeup routine,  I keep it low key. But when it comes to my skin care, it is a high key routine. I take it very seriously and every serum, moisturizer and eye cream is made more potent with the first step in great skin care: cleansing. The only thing better than cleansing? Double cleansing, cleanse your face then cleanse it again. Madness or genius?

Is double cleansing really worth the double trouble? Short answer yes, long answer, read.

To start, pick your cleansers. First you cleanse with oil cleanser (or micellar) followed by a cream cleanser for the ultimate in deep clean glowing skin. Cleansing with oil first helps to remove dirt and impurities initially so the second cleanse goes deeper. I’ve discovered my own double-cleansing duo from Shiseido (brand favourite!) that is worth a double look.

Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil is the ultimate for a reason.  I never start with the bottle, but I love the pump that stays mess free. One pump, lather the oil on to skin and then rinse away.  This oil emulsifies and leaves skin feeling so silky, so smooth, so clean. I always find cleansing with oil to be an intimate ritual and love to indulge in the moment. The excitement in double cleansing comes from knowing that when you wash your face it’s not over after the first wash, the ritual continues.

Second up, Shiseido Creamy Cleaning Emulsion. This might be cheating because this cleansing emulsion doesn’t need to be rinsed away, but I love to rinse it away anyways.  Shiseido rocks the packaging again with a beautiful mess free pump bottle that sits pretty on the vanity. By starting with the oil cleanser, the cream cleanser is going to clean deeper. As it suggests, this cleanser is oh so creamy and emulsifies leaving soft, very supple skin.

Double cleansing takes my end of the night cleansing ritual to another level. Trust me, it’s worth the double trouble. A week of double cleansing and your skin will be thanking you by glowing bright. Your compliments are about to double too.



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