Nars Yu Satin Lip Pencil, I Choose You

Nars Yu Satin Lip Pencil, I will choose you every time. Our meeting was fate in the beauty stars. Think about your favourite lip colour. It popped into your head immediately. You know the one, the lip that makes your eyes shine, smile brighter and overall gives you a healthy glow of pure raging happiness. For me, that lip is Nars Yu Satin Lip Pencil, every time.

When I open my lipstick drawer, it becomes quite apparent to me that shades of blue based bright pink rule supreme. Something about pink lipstick literally tickles me pink. But Nars Yu is the pink lip that has my heart. Nars lip pencils are one of my must have lip products. I have an arsenal of pencils and am delighted Yu is in it. I find it so easy to apply lip pencils with precision and pigment. Nars Yu is a satin finish lip pencil and it is absolutely satiny goodness. Yu applies so smoothly and the colour absolutely pops.

Yu is described as a shocking pink and it definitely has a shock factor that immediately resides into I want that lip territory.

I like wearing Nars Yu with a bare face for ultimate shock factor and it really owns the look. I get compliments on Yu when I wear it out to the grocery store and I consider compliments from strangers to be a high beauty indicator. It has long lasting wear that can make it through a grocery store and an afternoon walk around down, latte involved, with ease.

What lip do you always choose? Tell me your favourite Nars lip pencil!

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